Marriott Bonvoy

Marriot, is a hospitality company down to its core, assuming the position of one of the world’s largest companies in this field. The company is based in Washington D.C., and it boasts a full line of hotels and resorts. It also has a loyalty program, which rewards its repeat customers, and which is considered as the top loyalty program provided by a hotel. Aside from earning and collecting the points that the reward program provides, you can earn all kinds of special perks. In addition, you can sell Mariott points, so why not make some money while you’re at it?

How to Earn and Sell Marriott Points

Members of the Marriott loyalty program can earn their vacation club points by staying in one of the company’s brand hotels. This shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish, as the company holds over 4,600 hotels in almost 100 different countries. Some of the company’s hotels give the club members points for qualifying charges, in addition to the room rates. In addition, the club members can also earn their points by their everyday shopping, in case they make a purchase with one of the reward program’s partners, such as Diners Club or Hertz.

You can use a variety of Marriott Rewards credit cards, which help you earn more points. Bring in your friends and get them to join the rewards program as well. You can easily convince your friends and close ones to join the Marriott loyalty program, just by telling them about the exclusive benefits you get only by being a member. Members of the program always get the lowest rate for the company’s hotels, discounts on vacation packages, and all sorts of upgrades while staying in the hotels, that differ by your membership level.

Airline Partners and Earning Air Miles

Marriott does, of course, have airline partners as part of its loyalty program. You can pay with your accumulated points or a combination of points and cash, to suit your own preferences. Their airline partners include Delta, United, British Airways and other leading companies.

Gathering points through visits to Marriott hotels is a great way to access reduced or even free flights at a later date. Alternatively, if you don’t want to catch a flight (or can’t for any reason) you have the option to sell miles instead.

The Miles Market makes selling air miles quick and easy, accommodating plenty of different airlines. You’ll make real money on your miles or points — giving you a reward without limits.

The Bonvoy Loyalty Program

In the latest update provided to the loyalty club members, we learned that the new Bonvoy program is now the most current version of the points and benefits program. Marriott and SPG, two of the biggest hotel groups around the globe, have now joined forces and created the ultimate loyalty program for their members.

This change has caused a bit of confusion among club members. All the benefits that you were used to getting by being a member are here to stay, and new ones will only keep coming. You will now be able to not only enjoy the best benefits and rates by being a member of the Bonvoy program, but you will also still earn points that you can then use or sell, and you will enjoy new innovations and benefits, as the program will evolve from its initial stage. Make sure you stay updated, so you won’t miss out on anything new and exciting.

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