Sell Credit Card Points

Sell Credit Card Reward Points

Have you earned lots of credit card points? Are you worried about your credit card reward points expiring or losing value soon? Whether you use a credit card for your business or personal spending, you don’t want your points to go to waste or devalued. 

When you sell credit card reward points with The Miles Market, you can maximize their value by instantly getting cash. Instead of saving your credit card points for rewards likely to get devalued over time, you can get cash deposited directly to your bank. Consider booking your next flight with cash to earn additional points for your upcoming trip. This can also be recorded as a business expense, unlike points redemptions that are not eligible for business expenses.

Highly sought-after credit card points for selling

The Miles Market sells credit card points through major vendors, such as Amex, Brex, CapitalOne, Chase, and CitiThankYou, while ensuring that you always receive the highest value for your credit card points.

How to sell credit card points

There are several ways to sell credit card reward points, including direct sales through online marketplaces and forums, redeeming gift cards, using travel portals to purchase travel expenses, and transferring points to eligible travel partners like airlines and hotels. 

The best way to redeem credit card reward points is through brokerage websites like The Miles Market. By connecting sellers with buyers, The Miles Market can help you get top value on your credit card points. Instead of getting rewards you might never use, you can get cash for your credit card points to spend as your lifestyle dictates. 

As a US-based company with over ten years of experience selling points and miles, it is no wonder that over 20,000 customers trust The Miles Market to sell their credit card points. Using a secure and risk-free platform, you can quickly and efficiently sell your credit card points to get the maximum value you deserve.

Selling your points via The Miles Market

You can quickly sell your credit card points with The Miles Market as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

Step 1: Request a Quote

Fill out your basic information, such as your name, contact information, and the type and amount of points. Click the ‘submit’ button and wait while the secure system generates your quote.

Step 2: Choose an Offer

Our expert team will search the comprehensive database for the best quote for your credit card reward points. You can then choose the most competitive and highest offer.

Step 3: Get Paid Instantly

Once you accept the offer, you can get paid swiftly and securely within one business day.

Earning points through credit card rewards programs can be a great way to get additional perks. You can also sell credit card points to get extra cash. If you are considering selling credit card points for money, look no further than The Miles Market. With a trusted and experienced company such as The Miles Market at your side, you will have a smooth and hassle-free transaction while maximizing the full potential of your credit card rewards.

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