Southwest Airlines’ Rapid Rewards loyalty program is a popular way for passengers to rack up rewards for their repeat custom.

Like similar schemes, Rapid Rewards offers some decent deals when you travel on a regular basis — but do you know what they’re worth?

Each Rapid Rewards point carries a current value of 1.7 cents, which is a fairly impressive rate giving plenty of incentive to keep flying with Southwest Airlines. If you’re a frequent flyer with a competing airline, you may want to consider switching!

Sounds extreme? Here are more reasons to keep in mind:

Earn Rapid Rewards on Credit

Credit cards that earn you airline points are a great deal, provided you can find one that works well for your budget and spending habits. Southwest Airlines offers a number of credit cards via Chase, including the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card.

With this, you’ll earn a mighty two points for every dollar you spend with the airline. Stay in one of the participating hotels and car-rental companies, and you’ll get the same.

If you plan your trips right, you really can rack up Raid Rewards points easily.

Watch your Expiry Dates

As anyone with experience of earning reward miles with an airline knows, you usually have to redeem them before they expire.

This can make getting the expected return on your investment difficult, especially if you can’t find the travel routes you really want or need.

Making the time in your schedule to actually take a flight can be tough too.

However, Southwest Airlines does offer you a way around it. Every two years make at least one qualified purchase — this will stop your points running out and enable you to keep them ready for when you’re all set to travel.

Have a Southwest Airlines credit card? Don’t worry: your points will remain valid provided you keep your account open, which shouldn’t be too hard if you rely on credit in everyday life.

How Else can you Benefit from Rapid Rewards Points?

Earning Rapid Rewards points will give you access to numerous perks. You can enjoy no blackout dates, use your points for gift cards, hotel stays, merchandise and more — but what else can you do to get your money’s worth?

Sell miles for real cash!

At The Miles Market, you can profit from the miles you’ve earned with Southwest Airlines and spend the money on anything you like. Want to treat your family to a vacation? Feel like doing some work on the house?

The choice is yours.

Selling miles gives you more flexibility and freedom than the airlines can, because you’re basically choosing your own reward.

Looking for help with selling your miles? Just get in touch or complete our form to get all the answers you need.