Redeeming Southwest points for valuable rewards is an excellent way to enhance your travel experience. Whether you're looking to book flights or explore other redemption options, Southwest Airlines offers a straightforward process to claim your rewards. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to redeem Southwest Rapid Rewards Points and explore their value.

Redeeming Southwest Rapid Rewards Points for Flights

Apart from selling your Southwest Points, redeeming them for flights is the best-value option. Southwest Airlines does not have an award chart, but you can easily check the points rate for flights after doing a quick search on their website. 

The value of Southwest Points has been dramatically impacted by inflation, significantly affecting their worth. On average, these points are now valued at 1.1 cents per point. 

Claiming Southwest Points

To begin your redemption journey, follow these steps to claim your Southwest Points:

1.Log In: Access your Southwest Rapid Rewards account on the airline's website.

2.Flight Search: Search for the desired flight on the Southwest website.

3.Points Redemption: Instead of paying in cash, look for the price displayed in points for the selected flight.

4.Select Fare Class: Choose the fare class and flight that suits your preferences.

5.Purchase with Points: Complete the booking process using your Southwest Points.

Safeguard Your Airline Miles

As air fares rise at an alarming rate, the risk of devaluation to your airline miles, including Southwest Rapid Rewards Points, is a genuine concern. If you possess a substantial amount of Southwest Points, it is essential to consider proactive measures, such as selling or utilizing them, to preserve their value before inflation erodes their worth.

Selling Southwest Points

To secure the highest value for your Southwest Rapid Rewards Points, selling them for cash through The Miles Market is an excellent option. The process is fast, straightforward, and hassle-free, allowing you to protect the value of your hard-earned miles and enjoy the benefits of travel without worrying about their devaluation.  Read more about Selling Southwest Points or Miles.

To get started, simply submit a quote, and within minutes, our experienced team will provide you with the best offer for your Southwest Points. Once the miles are verified, you will receive swift and secure payment within one business day. It's the ideal solution to maximize the worth of your Southwest Points and make the most of their value before inflation impacts them.

Exploring Southwest More Rewards

Southwest Rapid Rewards Points offer a diverse range of redemption options through the Southwest More Rewards program. Let's delve deeper into each reward category to understand how you can earn and use them to enhance your travel experiences.

It is important to be aware that the value of these redemptions is considerably lower compared to using the points for flights or selling them for cash through The Miles Market

Gift Cards

Southwest More Rewards allows you to redeem your Rapid Rewards Points for gift cards from popular brands. Treat yourself or surprise your loved ones with gift cards from various retailers, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Whether it's a shopping spree, a delicious meal, or a memorable experience, gift cards provide flexibility and convenience in using your points.

How to Earn Gift Card Rewards

Earning gift card rewards is simple. Every time you make eligible purchases using your Southwest co-branded credit card, you'll earn Rapid Rewards Points. These points can then be converted into gift cards of your choice.

How to Use Gift Card Rewards

Once you have accumulated enough points, visit the Southwest More Rewards portal, where you can explore the available gift card options. Select the gift card that matches your preferences, and your points will be instantly converted into a valuable gift card, ready to be used at the participating merchant's store or website.


When it comes to accommodation, Southwest More Rewards offers the opportunity to redeem your points for stays at over 70,000 hotels worldwide. Whether you're planning a relaxing beach vacation or a city exploration, using points for hotel stays can significantly offset your travel expenses.
Among the different hotels you can stay in, while using Southwest More Rewards, you can find Marriott Bonvoy and Hyatt Hotels.

How to Earn Hotel Rewards

Earning hotel rewards is tied to your travel expenses. When you book eligible hotel stays through Southwest's hotel partners or use your Southwest co-branded credit card for hotel bookings, you'll accumulate Rapid Rewards Points.

How to Use Hotel Rewards

To redeem your points for hotel stays, visit the Southwest More Rewards portal, where you can search for available hotels and their corresponding point values. Choose the hotel that matches your preferences, and use your points to secure your booking.

Car Rentals

For travelers seeking convenience and flexibility, using points for car rentals is an excellent option. Southwest More Rewards allows you to redeem your points for car rentals with leading rental car companies, making your journeys more enjoyable.

How to Earn Car Rental Rewards

Earning car rental rewards is similar to hotel rewards. Whenever you book car rentals through Southwest's rental car partners or use your Southwest co-branded credit card for car rentals, you'll earn Rapid Rewards Points.

How to Use Car Rental Rewards

To use your points for car rentals, visit the Southwest More Rewards portal and search for available rental cars. Choose the vehicle that suits your needs, and use your points to confirm the reservation.


For those seeking a different kind of adventure, Southwest More Rewards offers the option to redeem points for exciting cruise vacations. Explore various cruise itineraries and enjoy a memorable journey on the high seas.

How to Earn Cruise Rewards

Earning cruise rewards involves booking cruises through Southwest's cruise partners. Each booking will earn you Rapid Rewards Points based on the cost of the cruise.

How to Use Cruise Rewards

To book a cruise using your points, visit the Southwest More Rewards portal and explore the available cruise options. Choose the cruise that piques your interest, and use your points to reserve your spot onboard.

TSA PreCheck

Streamline your airport experience by redeeming your points for TSA PreCheck. TSA PreCheck allows you to enjoy expedited security screenings, saving you time and hassle at the airport.

How to Earn TSA PreCheck Rewards

Unlike other rewards, TSA PreCheck is typically offered as a fixed redemption option rather than earned through specific purchases. You can check the point value required for TSA PreCheck on the Southwest More Rewards portal.

How to Use TSA PreCheck Rewards

To use your points for TSA PreCheck, log in to your Southwest account and visit the Southwest More Rewards portal. Locate the TSA PreCheck redemption option and proceed to redeem your points for this valuable benefit.


Southwest More Rewards also offers exclusive experiences and events, such as concerts, destination getaways, and more. Use your points to indulge in memorable experiences that go beyond traditional travel rewards.

How to Earn Event Rewards

Earning event rewards may vary based on the specific experiences and events offered through Southwest More Rewards. Some events may be available for direct points redemption, while others could be part of limited-time promotions.

How to Use Event Rewards

To explore available events and experiences, visit the Southwest More Rewards portal regularly. Keep an eye out for new offerings and promotions, and use your points to secure your spot in the event of your choice.


Inflation's impact on air fares and airline miles requires travelers to take proactive steps to safeguard the value of their Southwest Rapid Rewards Points. By selling points through The Miles Market and redeeming them for flights or other valuable rewards, travelers can optimize their points' worth and continue to enjoy the benefits of travel without worrying about devaluation. Exploring Southwest More Rewards opens up a world of exciting possibilities, from gift cards to exotic cruises and exclusive events. Maximizing your points earning potential through various methods ensures a continuous stream of valuable rewards for your travel endeavours.
Act now to protect your Southwest Points and unlock the full potential of your travel rewards.