number of reputable airlines offer a cost-effective option for passengers dubbed Basic Economy, facilitating affordable travel for customers on a tight budget.

American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta and others operate Budget Economy. Few people would argue that such a price-sensitive deal is unwelcome — after all, everyone can experience financial difficulties from time to time, and that shouldn’t always get in the way of a well-deserved break.

However, some frequent flyers have found themselves traveling in Budget Economy seats when redeeming award tickets.

Flying in Budget Economy Seating

Delta’s SkyMiles program provides an option to fly in a Basic Economy seat. This choice is displayed along with more luxurious classes (such as First and Comfort+), catering to a broad range of customers.

Having the freedom to choose a low-cost seat may be an advantage for some passengers — but this brings a few disadvantages too.

How so? Opting for Budget Economy seating leaves you unable to perform certain features you may take for granted. For example, you won’t receive seat assignment in advance  — so you don’t actually know where you’ll end up!

Furthermore, cancellations, changes, upgrades, and extra-legroom options are all unavailable as well.

All of these restrictions are serious enough to impact your entire flight, especially if you depend on extra legroom for comfort or have specific seating preferences. And how about if there’s an emergency? You won’t be able to cancel or change if you need to, which can only add to your stress in difficult situations.

Why You Should Sell your Air Miles

Clearly, you shouldn’t just book a Budget Economy seat for your award ticket without giving it some consideration. If you’re happy to fly in any seat and don’t care too much about extra legroom, you’ll probably be fine — but what if you’re not?

For many of us, redeeming air miles is a great way to enjoy a more luxurious flight to specific destinations, and the limitations imposed on Budget Economy is unlikely to give you that ‘pampered’ experience you expect as a reward for your custom.

To put it simply: it’s a gamble.

Of course, you can always sell your miles rather than redeeming them yourself!

This offers the chance to make money off your SkyMiles rewards instead of basically ‘making do’. You’ll receive cash to spend on anything you like while the individual who buys your miles gets to benefit from the flight itself. Everyone wins.

So, how do you actually go about selling your miles?

The Miles Market sells and buys air miles for Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France as well as numerous other airlines. This is a simple process you can complete in minutes: just provide us with the information requested and we’ll get back to you with a highly-competitive quote as soon as we can.

Earning air miles and selling them on is a valuable option for anyone who flies on a regular basis, whether you’re a member of just one frequent-flyer program or multiple.

Want to know more about how to sell your miles? Just give us a call on 8664583853!