Citi ThankYou Points offer many redemption possibilities, from flights and hotels to gift cards and more. But if you find yourself with a surplus of points, selling them can be a strategic option. This blog will guide you through what you need to know about selling your unused Citi ThankYou Points, maximizing their value, and understanding the potential risks.

How to Earn Citi ThankYou Points

First things first, how do you rack up Citi ThankYou Points? There are a few different ways:

  • Get a Citi Rewards Card:  This is the primary way to earn points.  Choose a card that matches your spending habits. Here are some popular options:some text
    • Citi Premier® Card: Excellent for travel rewards and everyday spending, offering bonus points on gas, restaurants, supermarkets, airfare, and hotels.
    • Citi® Double Cash Card: Earns cash back on all purchases, which can be turned into ThankYou Points.
    • Citi Rewards® Card: Rounds up rewards earned on each purchase, accelerating your points accumulation.
  • Welcome Bonus: Most Citi cards offer a generous welcome bonus after meeting minimum spending requirements within a specified timeframe.  These bonuses can quickly add thousands of points to your balance.
  • Targeted Spending Bonuses:  Keep an eye out for Citi promotions that reward bonus points for spending in specific categories. Restaurants, travel, and groceries are commonly targeted categories.
  • Online Shopping Portals: Access the Citi ThankYou Rewards portal to shop at popular online retailers. Often, these purchases will earn additional points per dollar spent.
  • Citi Merchant Offers: Citi frequently has special offers with various merchants. Simply add the offer to your eligible Citi card and earn bonus points when you purchase.

Important Tip: To maximize your points potential, consider strategically using multiple Citi cards in tandem,  targeting different bonus categories for your spending.

Benefits of Selling Unused Points

  • Selling your extra Citi ThankYou Points opens up a world of possibilities. Here's why it can be a wise decision:
  • Score Cheaper Flights (and Possibly Upgrades):  By selling your points, you gain cash to put directly toward flights. This empowers you to shop around for the best deals, potentially snagging a lower fare than a traditional points redemption. Additionally, selling points for cash can help you secure premium cabin upgrades.
  • Treat Yourself with No Restrictions:  Gift cards offer immense flexibility. Unlike direct points redemptions, which might be limited, gift cards allow you to purchase precisely what you want from a wide range of retailers.
  • Shop 'til You Drop with Flexibility: Instead of being tied to specific stores through points redemptions, selling your points for cash gives you the purchasing power to shop anywhere you like.  You can use that cash to buy anything, making it a great way to fund purchases beyond what rewards portals typically offer.
  • Give Back on Your Terms:  While points donations to charities are a fantastic option, they might only sometimes align with your preferred causes. Selling points and donating the resulting cash allows you to support any charity that speaks to your heart.
  • Avoid Expiration Worries:  If your points are nearing expiration and you can't realistically use them all, selling prevents them from going to waste. You get the value of your points in cash form instead of losing them entirely.

Selling points isn't always about getting the absolute highest value. Sometimes it's simply the most convenient and versatile way to unlock the value of rewards you might not otherwise use.

Things to Consider Before Selling Your Points

Before jumping headfirst into selling, let's cover the important details:

CITI Points Valuation and Market Rates

Understanding point valuation is critical when considering selling. Citi ThankYou Points don't have a fixed cash value; their worth fluctuates based on how you choose to redeem them. Here's what influences their value:

Redemption Method: The way you use your points significantly impacts their value. Transferring points to airline partners generally offers the highest value, sometimes exceeding 1 or 2 cents per point. Redemptions for gift cards, merchandise, and statement credits tend to have lower value, often in the 0.5 to 1 cent per point range.

Market Dynamics: Just like stocks or currencies,  point valuations can shift with supply and demand. Factors like airline promotions or changes in partner programs can affect the value you receive when transferring points.

Individual Needs: Sometimes, the "best value" isn't simply the highest numerical return. If you need a specific flight or item that's only available through a less lucrative redemption, that might still be the most valuable option for you.

Where to Find Information: Before selling points, research current market rates.  Resources like these can help inform your decision:

Travel Blogs & Forums: Blogs like The Points Guy frequently assess point valuations and offer redemption strategies. Online forums provide real-world examples of recent point sales.

Point Resale Platforms: Some reputable point resale sites will display estimated market values for various points and miles programs.

Expiration of Points

Citi ThankYou Points do expire, but the rules vary. Points from credit card spending have their timeline, while transferred points have a different one. Make sure you know your expiration dates! To avoid losing points, use your card regularly, transfer points to an airline partner, or downgrade your card instead of closing it.

Risks and Limitations of Selling Points

Selling points isn't without its risks. If you close your Citi credit card, you could forfeit those unused points. Always read the fine print before listing your outlets.

How to Sell Your Citi ThankYou Points

Ready to turn those points into cash? Here's how it works:

Choosing a Reputable Point Resale Platform

Prioritize platforms with good reputations. For instance, The Miles Market is a reliable platform known for its secure transactions, transparent fees, and positive customer support. The extra cash from selling points is great for booking flights or buying gifts.

Steps To Sell Your Points Safely and Securely

Selling points requires attention to detail. Follow platform guidelines, provide accurate information, and respond quickly to buyer inquiries.

Redemption Options for Citi ThankYou Points

Of course, you may want to use your points the traditional way! Here are your options:

  • Citi ThankYou Rewards Portal: The easiest way – just browse and book!
  • ThankYou Service Center: Call them for personalized assistance.
  • Live Chat: Get quick help from a representative.

Selling unused Citi ThankYou points can be a smart financial move, but it's important to understand the ins and outs before you do it. It may not be the right choice for everyone, but if you have extra points burning a hole in your pocket, it's worth considering.

Always weigh your redemption options and stay informed. The world of points and miles is always changing. Keep learning to make the most of your rewards. Ready to turn your unused points into cash? Visit The Miles Market to explore your buying and selling options.