How many IHG points for a free night?

The amount of IHG points necessary for a free night's stay at an IHG hotel varies depending on the hotel's tier and cash price. For instance, Holiday Inn Express hotels typically require 33,000 IHG Points, while InterContinental hotels demand 61,000 IHG Points. On average, it takes approximately 47,000 IHG points.

There are some fortunate travelers who might secure a free night with only 10,000 IHG Points, but this is relatively rare. In most cities and on many nights, booking an IHG reward night usually requires 20,000 IHG Points and above.

How to keep IHG points from expiring?

To keep your IHG points from expiring as a non-elite member, you have several options:

1.Stay at IHG Hotels.
2.Hold an IHG Co-branded Card
3.Initiate an IHG Points Transfer
4.Transfer Points to IHG Rewards

To avoid expiration, ensure that your stay results in an increase or decrease in your points balance. Earning points through a qualifying stay or eligible charges associated with the stay will increase your points, while using points for a reward night or a Points & Cash booking will decrease them.

How to redeem IHG points?

Redeeming IHG points offers various options, primarily for award nights at IHG hotels. You can search for availability and pricing on their website.
Additionally, consider the fourth-night reward benefit and Points + Cash bookings to extend the value of your points.
The number of IHG points needed for a free night stay varies based on the hotel's tier and cash price. On average, it's around 46,905 points.

Transferring points to airlines is possible, but may not always be the best value.
Other options include redeeming for experiences, events and merchandise, though hotel stays generally offer the most value for your IHG Rewards points

Can you transfer IHG points?

Yes, IHG One Rewards points can be transferred, whether it's to another IHG One Rewards member, another points program, or even different airline companies that are IHG's partners.

Transferring your IHG points to another IHG One Rewards member you must be done in increments of 1,000 points, and there is a fee of $5 USD per 1,000 points transferred. The member initiating the transfer can do it online via IHG's point transfer page or over the phone through IHG's customer service number.
You can also do it via selling your points using The Miles Market's services.

Additionally, IHG points are transferable to other points programs, including frequent flyer miles with IHG's airline partners. If you hold points through other programs, such as Chase Ultimate Rewards®, you can transfer those points to IHG at a 1:1 ratio. This opens up opportunities to build up your IHG points balance using various credit cards.

How can I use my IHG points?

Here's an amended list of ways you can utilize your IHG Rewards points:

Hotel stays: Redeem points for free nights at any of the IHG hotels, which include brands like Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, InterContinental, and more.

Flights: Transfer your points to one of IHG's partner airlines. Bear in mind, however, that this might not always be the most value-efficient use of your points.

Car rentals: Rent vehicles from IHG's partner car rental companies using your points.

Merchandise and gift cards: Use points to buy merchandise or gift cards from an array of retailers as featured in the IHG Rewards catalogue.

Digital Rewards: Redeem points for digital goodies such as eBooks, games, or software.

Experiences: Bid on unique experiences like concerts, special dinners, or exclusive events through the "IHG Rewards Club Access" program.

Donations: Donate your IHG Rewards points to a charitable organization of your choice.

Selling Points: If you wish, you can sell your IHG points to services like The Miles Market. This allows you to convert your points into cash instantly, giving you the flexibility to spend the funds on anything you want.

When deciding on the method of redemption, always consider the value you're getting for your points as it can differ substantially based on the method of use.