Frequent-flier programs are a fantastic system for rewarding loyal customers, but you might not always feel like you get your money’s worth.

Simply buying airline miles instead saves you the cash and time you’d spend earning the airline miles over months or years. But how do you know when the right time to buy your miles has come?

You Want to Stop Miles from Expiring

This is a common concern for anyone who wants to earn frequent-flier miles over time. Unless you travel for work or leisure on a very regular basis, actually accumulating enough miles to cover a flight is a fairly lengthy process.

Holding onto your miles for too long can cause them to expire before you even realize — a total waste!

Certain airlines require regular activity across your account to stop points expiring, so buying miles is a much simpler (and more affordable) option.

When You Want to Travel in Style

Earning mileage with airlines may let you upgrade to a higher class, enabling you to enjoy a more luxurious experience as a reward for your loyalty.

However, what if you just don’t fly often enough or with one single airline regularly? You won’t be able to accumulate the points you need to benefit from these upgrades.

When you choose to buy miles instead, you can travel in style without the expense of booking all those other flights over time.

To Treat a Loved One

Want to help a friend, relative or partner get a premium flight? Looking to give them the comfort they deserve in the air?

Buying miles for a friend or loved one is a great way to upgrade their journey without their having to join a frequent-flier program. This is a great idea if they’re heading off on vacation and you want to start their adventure with a taste of luxury. Perhaps they’re uncomfortable taking a plane and you want to make it as easy for them as possible.

Whatever your motivation, buying airline miles is the solution.

How can you Buy Airline Miles?

Buying air miles has never been easier. The Miles Market makes the process quick, simple and accessible for everyone.

We feature a huge range of airlines to buy miles for, including Delta, Air Canada, Emirates and lots more. All you have to do is take a look at the form on our site and submit the details requested. You can choose the airlines you’re looking to fly with and the amount needed.

We’ll get back to you within minutes (in most cases) with a price. You can make the purchase safely and fast, and once your transaction has been processed we’ll transfer the miles into your account. That’s all there is to it.

And don’t worry: we’re committed to the highest levels of security at The Miles Market. Your details and financial data are always protected with cutting-edge SSL encryption. Buy your miles with confidence!

Looking for more information on buying air miles at competitive rates? Feel free to get in touch with our expert team!

Buying Miles FAQ

Is buying miles worth it?

It depends on your travel habits and goals. Consider the cost, availability of award flights, loyalty program perks, mileage expiration, and personal value.

What factors should I consider when deciding to buy miles?

Evaluate the cost, assess upcoming travel plans, consider loyalty program perks, take note of mileage expiration, and assess personal value.

When is buying miles worth it?

Buying miles can be worthwhile if the cost is lower than purchasing a ticket or upgrade directly, award flights or upgrades are readily available, the loyalty program offers desirable perks, mileage expiration is favorable, and you value the convenience or experience of using miles.

Should I buy miles if I don't have immediate travel plans?

If the miles have a short expiration period, it may not be worth buying them if you risk losing them before you can use them.