December 23, 2020
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November 30, 2022

How Do I Earn Air France’s Frequent Flyer Miles?

Air France is a major European airline carrying millions of passengers to destinations across France and to international territories each year.

As with other large airlines, Air France offers its frequent customers ongoing rewards to keep them satisfied. And, as usual, this program includes certain rules that dictate how you both earn and redeem your miles.

The Flying Blue Program Explained

Air France’s Flying Blue program enables you to earn miles whenever you fly on its own planes or with multiple partners including:

  • KLM
  • Joon
  • HOP!
  • Transavia
  • Kenya Airways
  • SkyTeam
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Japan Airlines

As with most other programs, Flying Blue incorporates a number of different levels to progress through. You begin as an Explorer but can graduate to Silver, Gold and Platinum levels as you continue to fly with Air France or its partners.

Flying Blue is a pretty impressive program as it allows you to earn miles by traveling around the world, far beyond France itself. This suits those affected by real wanderlust, business travelers and casual customers alike.

How to Earn Flying Blue Miles

You can earn Air France Flying Blue miles by taking flights on any of the partners mentioned above (as well as Air France itself, of course), by staying in certain hotels and on extras like extra-baggage allowance or seat upgrades.

Earning miles is based on the booking class earning a percentage, the distance of your flights and the Elite bonus earning a percentage (if this actually applies in your specific case). Customers who are Flying Blue Elite members will qualify for Elite bonus miles on flights with SkyTeam partners.

Flying Blue also incorporates a touch of gamification too: you earn XP (Experience Points) as you spend money, and reaching XP milestones will take you to a higher level. For example, 100 XP elevates you to Silver status, 180 XP unlocks Gold and 300 XP ups your rank to Platinum.

Gamers will recognize XP from various types of games, from RPGs and fighters to sports titles. Adding Experience Points helps to reinforce the sense of progression and achievement Flying Blue members feel.

How to Redeem your Miles

Air France enables you to redeem your Flying Blue miles by simply going online and choosing the flight that suits you. The airline tends to have strong availability, but as usual, you may not always be able to take the flights you’d like to on your award tickets.

The Air France website makes it easy to understand how the Flying Blue program operates and what benefits you can expect at each level.

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