Sell United Miles

Sell United Miles

United Airlines is one of the United States’ biggest airlines, carrying millions of passengers each year. Like other major airlines, United Airlines operates its own loyalty program to reward regular customers: MileagePlus. There are plenty of ways to earn miles, but what are they? And how can you sell United miles to help other customers take advantage of the perks?

Join The Miles Market as we take a closer look on.

Sell United Miles for those times when having a little extra cash in your pocket is far preferable to the idea of using your hard-earned miles to book a flight that doesn't fit into your itinerary.

Earning United Miles with MileagePlus

MileagePlus features multiple levels for you to progress through. But you’ll only advance to a higher tier once you meet certain criteria, and each has its own qualifying requirements.

You’ll start at the MileagePlus Member level, earning five miles for every $1 you spend. At Premier Silver, this becomes seven miles and keeps increasing until you hit the Premier 1K tier. This highest level awards 11 miles for each $1.

To progress through MileagePlus’s levels, you’ll need to hit the PQD (Premier Qualifying Dollars), PQM (Premier Qualifying Miles) or PQS (Premier Qualifying Segments) target specified.

For example, Premier Silver demands 25,000 PQM or 30 PQS (and $3,000). Premier 1K elevates the criteria required to 100,000 PQM or 120 PQS (and $15,000).

That’s a pretty tall order, but if you’re a regular customer you could realistically reach the top tier over a number of years. You’ll also earn MileagePlus miles by flying with airlines which are part of the Star Alliance, such as:

Earning United Miles with Credit Cards

Certain credit cards can help you earn points for United miles faster. These are the United Explorer Card, United MileagePlus Club Card, United Explorer Business Card and United MileagePlus Club Business Card.

With the United Explorer Card, for example, you’ll earn two miles for every dollar spent on qualifying United Airlines payments, hotel visits and dining experiences. Other qualifying purchases will give you one mile per dollar too.

Combining United credit cards with your regular spending on flights and related services is a terrific way to earn United miles faster. But actually redeeming your miles can be incredibly difficult if you’re on a tight schedule or can’t travel for various reasons.

So, why not sell United miles instead of just letting them go to waste?

Sell United Miles for Real Money

At The Miles Market, we’ll buy your United miles for highly-competitive rates and sell them to other customers to make sure they have the chance to enjoy the benefits.

How do you sell United miles to The Miles Market? It’s easy — just use our submission form to tell us what you’re looking to sell and we’ll get back to you in next to no time.

This leaves you with real money to spend however you like!

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