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Are you a frequent flyer of Singapore Airlines? If you are, then chances are you are already a member of the KrisFlyer program (or are interested in being a member!). The KrisFlyer program is the membership program of Singapore Airlines that earns its frequent flyer members ‘miles’—or points convertible to flight rewards—as they continue to avail of Singapore Airlines flights, and earn rewards as they go.

It usually happens, though, that you won’t be needing your accumulated miles to earn yourself free flights, by redeeming your miles and being qualified for a free flight, depending on the number of miles you’ve earned. While some people are more frequent travelers than others, there are times during the year that just won’t permit you to get on a flight and convert your miles, making you end up with unused miles that could have otherwise earned you a free flight. Which is why some people opt to convert their unused miles to cash instead—if this is the first time you’re finding out that your unused miles are actually convertible to cash, then yes, you’ve read that right—the miles you earn while purchasing flights through Singapore Airlines is convertible to cash, you just have to be wise enough to sell them before they expire.

Why Sell Your Singapore Airlines Miles

If you’re looking for a way to get some extra cash and have unused miles lying around, and think that redeeming your miles for a getaway vacation sometime this year is not plausible given your busy schedule, then you’re probably a lot better off selling your Singapore Airlines Miles instead. It’s a lot better than having expired miles and getting neither cash nor a free flight out of the miles you’ve earned.

Sell Your Singapore Airlines Miles With Us!

The Miles Market is a competitive marketplace for buying and selling airlines miles, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles included. We want our sellers to have the best value for their miles in the same way that we want our buyers to get the number of miles they need for a flight they’re eyeing at the most affordable price. Our matching process for buyers and sellers ensures our clients (both buyers and sellers!) that both sides of the buy and sell transaction are satisfied—with the amount of money they get for selling unused miles, and how much buying unused miles would cost.

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Finding out the actual value of your KrisFlyer miles in US Dollars is hassle-free and risk-free with us. Getting an initial quote is free and takes no time at all. The information we’ll need would not compromise your privacy and security and only pertains to details concerning the miles you’re thinking of selling. Of course, we’ll need additional basic information like your name and contact number, but that’s about it. We value data privacy above all and make sure that as miles broker, our transactions are safe and secure.

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