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Sell IHG Points for Cash

Maximize the full potential of your IHG hotel points by selling them for cash with The Miles Market!

Do you have a large amount of IHG points and no idea what to do with them? Rather than redeeming them for free nights or airline miles when you have no plans to travel anytime soon, consider selling them for cash.

Sell all of your IHG points at once with The Miles Market and receive the highest value available on the market, get cash instantly deposited into your account.

IHG offers one of the most extensive collections of hotels around the world in more than one hundred countries. With 18 popular hotel brands such as Six Senses Hotel Resort Spas and Regent Hotel and Resorts at over 6,000 destinations, there is no limit to how many IHG points you can earn. But when it comes to redeeming IHG points most people find that it is almost impossible to access availability with their rewards program on the booking they need.

But with so many ways to earn your IHG points, it can be hard to spend them before they go to waste or lose value over time. The best way to maximize the full potential of your IHG points is by selling them with The Miles Market, which is used and trusted by over 20,000 clients. Sell your IHG points (and other hotel points) with The Miles Market today! 

How to sell IHG points?

You can sell IHG points with The Miles Market in an easy and fast three-step process.

Step One: Request a Quote

Fill out a short form on and tell us how many points wish to sell. Don’t forget to give us your name, email, and phone number, just so we know where to contact you to send your offer.

Step Two: Get a Risk-Free Offer

We will search our database and find the best and highest value offer on the market. Within minutes you will receive a cash offer for your points.

Step Three: Get Paid Today

You can then accept the highest value offer that The Miles Market gives you. Once you accept, you can have the money transferred to your paypal account within 24 hours. 

What is the value of IHG points?

The value of IHG points can vary for every person and account. With The Miles Market promise  of always delivering the highest value, you can be assured that you will get the best deal for your IHG points. For accounts with over 80,000 points, you are guaranteed to always get the highest value for your IHG points.

How to redeem IHG hotel points for cash?

Tired of waiting for the next opportunity to redeem your IHG hotel points? Are you ready to find out how much your IHG hotel points are worth? Maximize their value by selling your IHG hotel points with The Miles Market. Contact us to fill out a risk-free quote and get the highest offer on the market. Fill out a quote TODAY and you can get paid for your IHG hotel points within the next 24 hours!

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