Sell Amex Rewards

American Express  Membership Rewards can be used in many different ways. One issue with having so much flexibility is figuring out which option provides the best value for the rewards you’ve earned.

At The Miles Market, We took a dive into the Membership Rewards portal to look at the different redemption options and what the points are worth.

After full Research, we discovered the best option is to redeem with flights Opting to use the rewards for flights will yield approximately 1 cent per point. Another thing we did notice was that flight fares on the MR website were typically a few dollars more than on discount sites like Kayak, Expedia etc.

Instead of trying to find available dates to redeem your rewards and wasting time on calculating Membership charts, you can Sell your rewards and get cash for them today! You can fly when you want, buy a ticket on your own, and even earn miles to your account because you’ll be flying on a paid flight!

The process of selling Amex rewards is considered the easiest and fastest from all rewards

Submit a quote and get paid TODAY for your rewards.