Selling Hilton Honors Is Super Easy

Hilton is a brand that nearly everyone knows. Hilton Honors members enjoy so many great perks in thousands of properties worldwide.

If you’re new to the points game or are not a Hilton Honors member, their rewards program is one that is considered among the best in the travel industry. Anyone can sign up to be a Hilton Honors member and you have good credit, it’s a good idea to apply for a Hilton Honors credit card.

With it, you can quickly add up points by staying at eligible hotels. Not only that, but bonus points are earned by traveling, shopping, and dining with Hilton partners. One of the best aspects of the Hilton Honors program is its expansive portfolio of properties. In recent years it has doubled down on luxurious properties such as Waldorf-Astoria, Conrad, and LXR luxury properties for those that really want to stay in style.

On the other end of the spectrum, Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton Inn allow more budget-minded travelers to stay in a nice room with good amenities where the property itself takes a back seat to the actual destination.

And then there are the all-inclusive Hilton properties for travelers who are really looking to maximize their awards points. All total, there are over 6,200 properties across more than 100 countries worldwide.

Once enough points are accumulated, you can use them for free Hilton Hotel stays, free car rentals, flights, Amazon purchases, or…you can sell those points for cash! Many members like to sell their points for cash as it’s convenient and easy.

Why Should you Sell Your Points for Cash?

There are times when you perhaps need a last-minute booking and can’t find availability in your destination, or when you simply want to redeem your points for cash to use for other things. There are many reasons for giving up points for cash, but those are the primary ones.

The process of selling Hilton points takes only a few minutes. We at The Miles Market are mileage brokers and will take your Hilton points off your hands and give you cold hard cash in return.

The general process is simple:

·      Use our simple online form that is safe and secure.

·      Enter your name and contact information, your Hilton Honors info, and we will verify your account.

·      We will respond with a cash offer for the number of Hilton points you designate.

·      Once you accept the offer, you will be paid in full, usually via PayPal (which is a secure method for sending and receiving payments) to your verified PayPal account.

We will use your Hilton Honors points for flight tickets and other travel perks to our clients. Your Hilton Honors account is in no way compromised other than the number of points you release to us.

Your personal and financial data are always encrypted and protected; we will treat your data confidentially and not sell them to any third parties. This is important when doing transactions of this sort with any other reputable company.

If you’ve racked up enough points, this could be a nice little bit of extra spending money in your pocket!