Understanding the Upcoming World of Hyatt Award devaluation

Just a few days ago, we discussed the devaluation within Turkish Airlines' Miles&Smiles program and speculated that similar trends might follow in other loyalty programs. It seems our predictions are coming true sooner than expected, as the World of Hyatt loyalty program is set for significant changes. Starting at 8:00 a.m. CT on March 26, 2024, the award categories for 183 hotels will see adjustments, affecting how members use their points for free nights at Hyatt hotels and resorts. This reclassification involves 137 hotels moving to a higher award category, requiring more World of Hyatt points for bookings, while 46 hotels are shifting to a lower category, needing fewer points. These changes are a reflection of the annual audit Hyatt performs, taking into account market conditions to align their offerings with the current hotel landscape.

Access Hyatt’s page for the changes and more here.

What's Changing?

The adjustment in award categories means that some of our favorite destinations will now require a significant increase in points for bookings. For instance, the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch, Park Hyatt Washington D.C., and the Grayson Hotel in New York City are all moving up to a Category 6, necessitating 25,000 points per night. On the brighter side, 46 hotels moving to lower categories present a silver lining, offering members the chance to explore new destinations at a reduced points cost.

Why the Change?

Hyatt's decision to adjust hotel award categories stems from their commitment to keeping the loyalty program aligned with evolving market conditions. This ensures the value of World of Hyatt points remains consistent and fair for members, reflecting an effort to maintain balance within the program.

Implications for Members

The reclassification has significant implications for World of Hyatt members, especially those planning to use free night certificates at Category 4 and 7 hotels, whose options may now be limited. However, reservations made before the changes take effect will adhere to the current award chart, offering a window for members to lock in stays at present rates.

Understanding Hyatt Point Value

The value of Hyatt points will see a shift as the program undergoes its category adjustments. This will have a direct impact on both buyers and sellers in the market. Buyers looking to buy Hyatt points will need to reassess the value proposition of their purchase, especially in light of how these points can be used under the new award chart. The Hyatt points purchase process will become more nuanced, with buyers needing to carefully consider the changing dynamics of point redemption rates and hotel categories.

How Much Are Hyatt Points Worth?

The worth of Hyatt points is set to fluctuate with the new award chart. Sellers may find that the market value of their points adjusts as buyers recalibrate their willingness to pay in accordance with the updated redemption options. This recalibration will affect both the buying and selling strategies, as all parties look to optimize the how much are Hyatt points worth question in their favor.

You can access the new charts here.

Final Thoughts

The upcoming changes within the World of Hyatt program underscore the transient nature of loyalty program values, echoing the sentiments shared following the recent devaluation by Turkish Airlines. These adjustments signal a potential shift in the loyalty program landscape, reminding members of the wisdom in using points promptly. The value of loyalty currencies is inherently unstable, and procrastination in their redemption can lead to diminished returns. This reality accentuates the importance of staying vigilant and proactive in loyalty program participation, ensuring strategic management and redemption of points to safeguard their value against unexpected devaluations. As the landscape of hotel loyalty continues its evolution, the need for strategic management and timely use of points has never been more critical.