As a frequent flyer, you can expect to earn rewards from your favorite airlines as a thank you for your loyalty.

The industry’s rewards programs have become increasingly competitive as more brands vie for customers’ money, and, as a result, frequent flyers have a wealth of exciting schemes to take advantage of.

However, you have to be careful — if you join too many in an attempt to claim even more rewards, you could be making a big mistake.


Let’s find out!

You could miss out on the highest status

The more often you fly with an airline, the more likely you are to be treated as one of their most important customers.

People flying with the same airline on a frequent basis can expect such perks as first-class upgrades, higher point-earnings on car rentals, fast-tracking at airports and more (depending on the program you join, of course). Delta SkyMiles’ Diamond level, for instance, offers all of the above.

Spreading yourself too thinly across multiple programs means it’ll take you longer to actually reach a higher status with any of these airlines. Try to keep your custom focused on one or two companies whenever possible.

Paying more fees than you realize

Signing up for travel rewards credit cards is extremely tempting if you fly regularly and make lots of purchases on credit.

You can earn points towards air miles when you stay at certain hotels, rent cars with specified companies and buy at participating stores. Just make sure you investigate the annual fees your cards are likely to demand — or you could end up being seriously out of pocket.

Don’t be tempted to sign up for every single card you see in the hopes of lots of free flights. Do your research to discover which offer the best deals and the most competitive fees. Aim to earn miles steadily over time by being sensible with your credit.

Air miles can expire over time

Last but not least, one huge drawback of using multiple travel rewards programs is the risk of points expiring.

Most airlines apply expiry dates to their frequent-flyer miles, though few others — such as Delta — don’t. This offers you greater flexibility: you’ll redeem your rewards when it suits you.

If you belong to several programs, you could be earning points you’ll never have the time or capacity to use.

That’s why choosing to sell air miles instead is such a great idea. All those points you’ve earned on your reward program and credit cards don’t have to go to waste — you can just sell them in exchange for cash.

The Miles Market makes it easy to sell your miles fast, using a simple form. Take a few moments to tell us what miles you have to offer and we’ll get back to you with a competitive quote!