If you travel for business on a regular basis, you know expenses pile up. Fast.

Catching flights, staying in hotels, renting cars, eating out — you can spend far more than you realize within just a few days, especially if you’re making multiple stops in one trip.

But if you have a rewards credit card with a good program, you could actually rack up a huge number of points by being a little more strategic. Let’s take a look at your options …

Research, Research, Research

Rewards credit cards are popular for a good reason: customers showing loyalty to certain airlines, hotel chains, car rental services and more can earn a lot of points that save them money in the future.

The market’s incredibly competitive, as one brand tries to win members from the other. And that means there are plenty of great deals out there to discover.

Make sure you spend time researching the perks offered by any reward credit cards catching your eye. Be aware, though, that certain benefits may not be relevant to you: if you don’t drive, for example, or rarely stay in hotels.

Even if card A has a stronger reputation than card B, don’t be afraid to choose the latter if it’s a better fit for you.

Take Full Advantage of Hotels

Booking a hotel room on your reward credit card can help you earn a generous portion of points, but check if there are any other ways to add even more on top.

For example, will ordering room service accumulate points? If you’re going to go out for a pizza anyway, consider having one from the hotel’s restaurant brought to your room instead. It may be cheaper and you’ll receive points to put towards freebies down the line.

Marriott Bonvoy, for example, lets you earn points for certain hotel purchases, including dining, drinking and playing golf.

Check if Your Airline Miles will Expire

Some airline miles carry an expiry date. Make sure you look into this early, to avoid disappointment.

You don’t want to spend money earning points only to discover they’ve essentially gone to waste. In some cases, though, expiry dates may not apply — such as with Southwest miles, for example.

If you think your airline miles are likely to go to waste, though, sell them! You can make real money quickly and easily when you sell miles through The Miles Market, across a huge range of reliable brands.

Miles for Air Canada, Delta, Emirates and more can all be sold to fellow passengers. Want to buy them instead? That’s just as simple too.

Just let us know a few key details and The Miles Market will reply to your submission within minutes, offering a highly-competitive quote for your airline miles.

So, as a business traveler earning a steady stream of points, why not see how much you could receive?