Indeed. According to Bloomberg report for the first time, Airlines Sold more miles than seats in the last 12 months. The GOLDEN Goose Isn’t your ticket or bag fee as you thought so.

Elite travel Cards like the Chase Reserve or the American Express Platinum offer some of the industry’s most generous sign-up bonuses, Not to mention airline credit card

That’s Great news for me…

It is, And that’s why so many people sign up for these Cards, But when it’s time to use these rewards Redeeming isn’t always as simple as it sounds

To use travel rewards, you need to have a specific trip planned, and, depending on the program, enough points to cover the entire cost. On top of that, you always have the worry that you might get a better point value using them toward something else.

Sounds Very confusing…

You’re not alone, credit card companies seem to go out of their way to make rewards systems hard to comprehend for the non-expert. Plus, no two cards are the same. Recent research by UBS suggests these companies expect about 20% of rewards to go unused and 31% of cardholders have never redeemed rewards at all — not once.  Credit card companies count on this. It’s part of the reason they can offer such lush sign-up bonuses and still turn a profit.

So what should I do if I have rewards?

Most people just wait and do nothing. But remember, Credit card rewards don’t usually gain value over time, In fact, they’re more likely to lose value as companies require more points or miles for the same perks. Your best move is to cash them in regularly.

Did you mention Cash in rewards?

Yes, you can cash your miles and pretty easily.

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