Transferring Points Between Southwest Accounts

Yes, it is possible to transfer Southwest Rapid Rewards points from your account to another member's account. However, this is generally not recommended because Southwest charges a fee for this service. The fee amounts to $5 for every 500 points transferred. This means if you were to transfer, for example, 5,000 points, it would cost you $50.

Booking Flights for Others with Your Points

If you're planning to book a flight for another person using your Rapid Rewards points, you are allowed to do so without incurring any additional fees or charges. You, as the Rapid Rewards member, will need to make the reservation on behalf of the person traveling.

Transferring Points from Chase to Southwest

As for transferring points between programs, Southwest is a partner of the Chase Ultimate Rewards program. This means that you can transfer points from your Chase account to your Southwest Rapid Rewards account. You can do this by navigating to the "Transfer Points" section in your Chase account and selecting Southwest as the transfer partner.

Transferring Southwest Flight Credits

Additionally, if you have flight credits with Southwest, you can transfer these to another person under the "Transferable Flight Credit" program. Both parties must be Rapid Rewards Members and only one transfer is permitted. If you booked through a Southwest Business channel, transfers are only allowed between employees within the same organization.

Using Amex Points for Southwest Flights

Regarding the use of Amex points for Southwest Airlines, unfortunately, American Express points cannot be directly transferred to Southwest Rapid Rewards. Amex points can only be transferred to two U.S.-based airline programs, Delta SkyMiles and JetBlue TrueBlue. However, by leveraging airline partnerships, you may be able to use your Amex points to book flights on other carriers, including United Airlines, American Airlines, and Alaska Airlines.

Southwest's Airline Partnerships

Lastly, Southwest Airlines does not have any airline partners, so the Rapid Rewards points you earn are only redeemable for Southwest flights. There are numerous ways to earn Rapid Rewards points, but keep in mind they are exclusive to Southwest Airlines.

Consider Selling Your Southwest Points

Before you decide to transfer points and potentially pay steep fees, why not consider selling your unused Southwest points? Travelers looking to sell their Rapid Rewards points can do so via The Miles Market, which provides a safe and secure platform to do so. By selling your points, you can get the higher rate for your miles / points without incurring huge transfer fees.