Financial Times: Inflation Hits Air Fares. Inflation is not only impacting the global economy, but it's also affecting air fares and the value of your airline miles. With airlines capitalizing on the soaring demand for travel, it's crucial to act now and secure the highest value for your miles before it's too late.

Air Fares Surpass Inflation with Soaring Prices:

Recent data indicates that air fares are increasing at a rate more than twice that of inflation. A comprehensive analysis by the Financial Times reveals that average ticket prices on over 600 popular global routes witnessed a staggering annual growth rate of 27.4% in February. In contrast, the inflation rate in the United States, considered a proxy for global inflation in developed economies, remained less than half of that figure during the same period.

Airlines Enjoy Sharp Turnaround

The rapid rebound in demand for air travel over the past year has led to a significant turnaround in fortunes for airlines in the aftermath of the pandemic. American Airlines reported record-breaking revenue for the first quarter, while Lufthansa anticipates surpassing 2019's adjusted earnings levels this spring. British Airways owner IAG and Air France also predicted bumper summer seasons.

Your Airline Miles are at Risk

With air fares rising at a faster pace than inflation, there is a potential risk of devaluation to your airline miles. If you possess a substantial amount of airline miles, it is crucial to consider either selling or utilizing them before they lose value due to inflation.

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Inflation's impact on air fares and airline miles is a pressing concern for travelers worldwide.

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