Yes, You can sell your Frequent flyer miles and credit card rewards in return to cash with full payment made in advance. The Miles Market Will follow you with every step of the way to grantee a smooth secure and fast transaction

sell your miles for cash is the ideal solution. If you ever tried to redeem your miles it isn't always as simple as it sounds, to use travel rewards, [you] need to have a specific trip planned, and, depending on the program, enough points to cover the entire cost. Most people have very busy lifestyles and taking into consideration the limited availability of reward flights, and the expiration of miles, people just don’t use them.

That really depends on the type of miles and quantity, All our offers are based on data and advanced Market analytical abilities that update constantly. This helps us - and you, fulfill the most potential of your rewards and miles. send us a risk-free quote and find out in seconds how much your miles are worth.

First Submit a quote, Call us or use our online chat. One of our local representatives will answer your quote and follow you every step of the way until you get paid and only after you get paid we transfer the points

Once we verify your miles/rewards you get cash within minutes

We buy almost any type of miles and rewards. Submit a form and receive an offer within minutes

Absolutely, The whole transaction is secured with SSL back to back and we NEVER share your information with a 3rd party. Our effort helped The Miles Market become the safest and most secure place to Sell and buy miles in the industry.

Most airlines recommend you use the miles you earn, But there is no law restricting the sale of miles and points in any State except for Utah, USA.

Yes, We can pay you for every referral depending on the rewards and the amount. The Miles Market is a collective of people who love helping out other people. Please send us an email at info@themilesmarket.com or have them fill our quote request form and leave YOUR name and email address in the comments box

You can withdraw the money and start using your cash immediately. We will take care of the rest. FAST SIMPLE AND SECURE