This modern day and age is an exciting time to live in. Technological discoveries, industrial breakthroughs, and developed medicine are just some of the good things progress brings with it. But there are other things as well, even if they seem more mundane. One of those seemingly mundane yet highly important things is business competition. Once upon a time, customers had to “chase” after banks to get what they wanted or needed, but today, the tables have turned. Banks understand the importance of their customers and the fact that they are not alone in the game, and they, therefore, go to great lengths to make them stay. A great example of that is CITI’s ThankYou Rewards loyalty program.

Joining the Program

All you have to do in order to join CITI’s loyalty program is apply for one of their credit cards. CITI offers a large range of credit cards, some suited for private customers while others are designed for businesses, and each card offers different benefits and value.

The good news is that once you have a CITI credit card you have automatically opted into their loyalty program, CITI ThankYou Rewards.

Earning Points

Earning points is quite easy. First, once you join the program and start making purchases with your new credit card you will get a sign-up bonus, which can be quite great.

Every time you use your new CITI credit card, you actually accumulate points, according to the type of card you have and according to the nature of the purchase you make. For example, filling your car with gas will get you awarded with a certain number of points while buying air travel will get you awarded with a much better ratio, meaning more points for the same amount of money.

Other Important Facts

Like practically everything else in life, credit cards cost money. Before choosing your next card, look carefully into their annual fees and do the math. Also, bear in mind that besides points, cards offer different benefits and perks, so make sure you choose the one that best fits your preferences and needs.

Redeeming Your Points

CITI ThankYou Rewards can be used in several ways. You can redeem your basic points to get gift cars for example. You can also enjoy other rewards which are displayed on the program’s website.

The best way to use these points, assuming you have the appropriate card, is by transferring them to one of the program’s travel partners – this will enable you to get the best value for your points. You can easily access the program’s travel center and use your points directly, or you can transfer it, as previously said, to one of the travel partners participating in the program. Such partners include Air France airlines, JetBlue, Singapore Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, as well as others.

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