December 24, 2020
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November 30, 2022

Delta SkyMiles Devaluation: What Big Changes Occurred In 2018?

Earlier this year, Delta made a big change to its SkyMiles program: international award tickets must now be booked no less than three days in advance (unless they begin or end in Canada or the United States).

In its small print, Delta emphasized that there are ‘no exceptions’ to this rule. Obviously, this struct new rule applies to a lot of routes and affects many of the airline’s customers who fly outside of North America regularly.

This followed previous changes putting a three-day advance buying restriction on award travel tickets and demanding they be bought in-person. This applies to all award tickets on flights starting in China, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Singapore and all African nations. No award tickets can be canceled within 72 hours of the scheduled departure.

Delta’s Motivation for its New Changes

Delta seems to have introduced these changes as a fraud-protection measure, ensuring all award tickets are distributed to the right customers. Anyone abusing this program would cost Delta significant money, and it’s no surprise it wants to clamp down.

These changes sparked controversy, with some Delta customers believing their SkyMiles are now worthless; the lack of notice regarding these changes didn’t go unnoticed either.

However, people participating in the program can still benefit from their rewards: they just have to adhere to the new regulations and avoid leaving any award-ticket purchases to the last minute.

It may not be ideal, but it’s Delta’s prerogative to impose restrictions to avoid exploitation.

Additional Changes Impacting Delta Customers

Delta has made other controversial, unannounced alterations to its policies that caused devaluations. This saw the minimum amount of business class awards to Europe rise from 70,000 to 82,000 — each way. Ultimately, this is a round trip of a staggering 164,000 miles.

By giving no notice of these changes, Delta has continually risked alienating its loyal customers, and the devaluations are unlikely to earn much praise. Again, Delta is free to make its own decisions but still has to consider their impact on consumers.

Those signing up to their SkyMiles program expect good incentives to keep flying with the airline, and the company should strive to give them the best customer experience possible.

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