American Airlines Miles

As a popular legacy carrier, American Airlines is a leader in the aviation industry. It was founded back in 1930 and today is the largest airline by fleet size, destination, and revenue. The carrier boasts a vast domestic and international network of routes with more than 1,000 destinations around the world.


About the Miles & Advantage Program


Being a member of this program means you can take advantage of AA’s partnerships with major players British Airways and Finnair. AAdvantage is a free loyalty program that rewards its members for not only the air miles they accumulate, but also through dining at select restaurants, online shopping, and using their co-branded credit card. Air miles are also accumulated when members fly participating airlines of Oneworld, along with AA’s 1000+ partners. 


As will all other airline mileage programs, these miles can be used as currency to be redeemed for airline tickets, seat upgrades, baggage fees, and much more. Flight fares within the US can be reduced significantly, or even paid in full, by paying via miles. This allows frequent flyers to significantly cut back their travel expenses. 


Sell American Airlines Miles


Having said that, the numerous options of earning AA miles coupled with its low validity, makes it difficult for some members to maximize their accumulated miles. Members often have a hard time redeeming miles for reduced or free flights due to scheduling conflicts or blackout dates. Due to these constraints, there are times when simply selling your AA points and miles is the best way to get the most value out of them. 


By getting cash for your miles, you can use it to buy the ticket that works for you, and in some cases even have money left over for other expenses. And don’t forget, you’ll still be earning miles on the flight you purchased because you paid for it. 


How Much are AA Miles Worth?


American Airlines miles can differ from one account to the other. While we do our best to always give you the best rates, all accounts containing over 100,000 miles will be guaranteed our best rate. Send us a risk-free quote and sell your miles for cash now!


How do I Sell American Airlines Miles?


You have several online miles brokers at your disposal who buy AAdvantage miles. The Miles Market not only offers the best rate, but the entire process is easy and secure when selling your precious AA points and miles. All that needs to be done is to submit a quote or give us a call. Once we quickly verify your points, you can get paid in full. 

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